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Web Hosting

From as little as £50 per year. Contact us with your requirements and we'll provide the best package for you.


How do you surf the net ?

Are you still using Internet Explorer ? Have you thought about what else might be out there ? There are a number of other excellent browsers available and they are all free. Why not give them a try, and see what you have been missing out on.


Wow, what a picture !

If a great picture paints a thousand words, what does a poor quality picture say? Make the most of your image content and let the pictures speak for themselves.


Bespoke Brochure Style Websites

Isn't the World Wide Web a wonderful place, so much information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, day in day out. It doesn't grind to a halt when the snow falls, nor does it close down for the summer to go on it's hols. So how can you make such a great asset work for you?

Whether you run a business, an organisation, a charity, a school, a club or anything else that would benifit from an internet presence, you need a website that will reflect what you do, look professional and be affordable.

What will I have to pay?

When it comes to cost, at Sarah's Web Design we do things a little differently. We charge a design fee to create your bespoke website, that is a fully complete and online website. To maintain your new site you can choose one of three options. First option is to have your site maintained by us where you pay a fee for the work done based on the time taken, therefore only paying for what you get. Second option is that you can choose to maintain the site yourself using commercially available software or the third option is that you can mix and match, do some yourself and ask for help when you need it. The only time you will need to pay another design fee would be if you choose to have a redesign done in the future. The only annual fees that are charged are for the hosting and domain renewal costs if those services are supplied by us.

What type of website will I get?

We specialise in creating brochure style websites, built in HTML and CSS. All of our sites are built from scratch, (no templates used here) so your site will be completely unique to you. We take great care to ensure that your website will validate with the W3C and that it is cross browser compliant (including Internet Explorer 6 and 7, and 5.5 if possible).

Need photographic content for your site?

Not a problem. Photographic sessions can be booked to obtain high quality images for use on your site or any other project that you require (e.g. brochures, prospectuses, etc). Phone or email for more information and costs.

What should I do next?

For a fresher approach to web design why not give us a call or send us an email for more information or to obtain a quote for your specific needs. You may be surprised to find that a bespoke website is within your reach.


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