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How do you surf the net ?

Are you still using Internet Explorer ? Have you thought about what else might be out there ? There are a number of other excellent browsers available and they are all free. Why not give them a try, and see what you have been missing out on.


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If a great picture paints a thousand words, what does a poor quality picture say? Make the most of your image content and let the pictures speak for themselves.













So how do you surf the net?

Internet Explorer is known by every windows pc user as it is the web browser that comes with your operating system. So do you need to bother with anything else? Answer - definitely yes!

There are so many web browsers out there and they are all free to download and more to the point they are in many ways significantly better than I.E. Why don't you download one or two (or as many as you like) and give them a try you've nothing to lose.

Even if you decide that you want to stick with Internet Explorer, what version are you running. Internet Explorer 8 is the latest stable version but it won't be long before IE9 supercedes it. Are you still running Internet Explorer 6 (or even worse 5.5). Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the only web browser that doesn't automatically update when a new version come out, this means that you are missing out on a free upgrade that you are entitled to. Click here to go to the Microsoft site and get that upgrade, go on you deserve it!

Below are a selection of some of the more popular browsers.

Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed in a sleek looking browser.
Firefox LogoMozilla Firefox an award winning browser with many features.
Opera LogoOpera a customisable browser for faster surfing with powerful features.
Flock Browser LogoFlock the social web browser built for facebook and twitter.
Maxthon Browser LogoMaxthon a powerful tabbed browser with a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience
Seamonkey Browser LogoSeamonkey a community developed browser for all-in-one internet applications.
Safari Browser LogoSafari for Windows PC and Mac. Advanced technologies and extensive accessibility make this a highly usable browser.



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