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How do you surf the net ?

Are you still using Internet Explorer ? Have you thought about what else might be out there ? There are a number of other excellent browsers available and they are all free. Why not give them a try, and see what you have been missing out on.


Wow, what a picture !

If a great picture paints a thousand words, what does a poor quality picture say? Make the most of your image content and let the pictures speak for themselves.



Compose a thousand words. Article title

For a picture to paint a "thousand words" those thousand words need to be composed. The composition of the picture is the most critical factor in producing great photographs. But where do you start ?

There are many rules for composition but the most important rule of all is that the subject should look right, it's as simple as that.

Every photograph has a subject, whether it is the face of the person or animal, a particular flower on the plant, the tree, mountain, hill, etc in a landscape scene there is always a subject that is the main focal point. In some photographs this may not initialy be apparent but it is there. The composition is how this subject sits within the constraints of the photograph.

Example image of animal portrait
Example 1
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For example, in a photograph of a person or animal that is looking in a direction other than straight at the camera, try to position the subject so that there is space within the photograph in the direction that they are looking towards. By doing this you start to capture the mood of the image. ( Example 1.)

Example of child portrait
Example 2
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There are some occasions that you may need to limit this positioning to maintain the mood. (Example 2.) This photo shows a boy in a thoughtful pose who's attention is drawn to the left. To move his position to the right to allow more space where he's looking would loose the effect of his shoulders and arms where he was leaning on a rail. This pose adds to the perception of thoughtfulness but doesn't follow the rule exactly.

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