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Web Hosting

From as little as £50 per year. Contact us with your requirements and we'll provide the best package for you.


How do you surf the net ?

Are you still using Internet Explorer ? Have you thought about what else might be out there ? There are a number of other excellent browsers available and they are all free. Why not give them a try, and see what you have been missing out on.


Wow, what a picture !

If a great picture paints a thousand words, what does a poor quality picture say? Make the most of your image content and let the pictures speak for themselves.

School websites

How can Sarah's Web Design help our school?

Unlike many website design companies, we will provide a website that puts you in full control. This means that you can edit any item on any page of your site, add more pages or remove pages, add or remove items in the navigation system, add or change photographs and make them work in a lightbox window. This can all be done in commercially available WYSIWYG editors, meaning that you can do your updates when you want them done. Therefore the next time your school has to close due to deep snow you can update your site as early as you like, no having to wait for your web designer to answer the phone or respond to emails.

Because we do not use content management systems (CMS), once you have your new website, there are no continuing anual fees just to be able to use your site.

How do we learn to use the WYSIWYG editors?

Sarah's Web Design will provide an extensive training session as part of your new site package. In practice the training usually takes 1 day and happens within the first 2 or 3 weeks of your site going live. If you have chosen to only have your site maintained by us, then we don't normally offer training. This will be reflected in the price quoted to you.

Does our school website have to be hosted by you?

Most schools already have an allocated web space provided through their local education authority. At Sarah's Web Design we will happily use this web server to host your site. You will already be paying for it so why shouldn't you use it. We have extensive experience with the Atomwide web servers, that provide schools web space throughout West Sussex and other areas.

Do you offer support if something goes wrong?

Sarah's Web Design offers a full aftercare service. If something has gone wrong or you would simply like help with maintaining your site we are here to help. We will provide an estimate of time required to do the work and charge at an hourly rate charged in 15min units. So you only pay for what you get!


Give us a call and request a free no obligation quote and see how we can help with your internet presence

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